Should I get an iPad mini if I have a macbook pro and iPhone?

I am about to enter college, and I was wondering if there are benefits to getting an iPad Mini when I recently purchased a Macbook Pro and I have an iPhone 4. I love my MacBook Pro but it gets heavy. I was wondering if anyone has them and uses them or they are too similar to spend the extra money?

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    Don't get an iPad mini. I have a 2012 Macbook Pro 13" (Non-Retina), and at the time I had an iPhone 4S - when I decided to purchase my iPad mini. As a college student, let me just tell you that for my school and many other can't do a lot of work on an iPad. Most all online material requires flash player to load and you definitely need a solid keyboard for coursework. I wound up selling my mini, as it was only used at home for watching movies if I was already in bed, etc. However; I prefer the larger 13" screen of the Macbook Pro for almost anything, especially school work. The iPad mini is a great device, but if you have an iPhone as well as a Macbook Pro, then you really don't need it, unless you need something to watch movies on or play games when you are not able to use the Macbook Pro. I have had iPads twice in my lifetime...and I always sell them because I don't need them. I have Macbook Pro for work/school/watching movies, and iPhone 5S for mobile needs.

    • Answered by Clint C from Griffin
    • 07-Nov-2013
  • I just got an iPad for note taking in class. I love the portability of the device and how it syncs with my iPhone and macbook pro. I think you will get a lot of use out of it if you WANT to get a lot of use from it. There are amazing note taking apps like pen ultimate, good reader, plus more. Files can often times by synced automatically or transferred very easily through dropbox. You need to take the time to research applications that might connect well with you and your lecture work. Personally, I would recommend going paperless with an iPad to anyone, and especially to someone who is already using apple devices.

    • Answered by Danyell B from Winamac
    • 23-Feb-2014
  • Id get the mini, the portability, the increase of apps that are on the mutually usable (with some restrictions but not enough to discourage from buying the mini) it is the near perfect computing experience for consuming, browsing, portability and writing, yes final cut pro won't be at iPad mini level yet, but with the plethora of video apps out there and if the portability is what your craving with that beautiful screen, theres no reason not too if you can afford too.

    • Answered by Stephen K from San Francisco
    • 15-Nov-2013
  • It really depends on the kind of user you are. If you're the kind of person who does a lot on their laptop and are accustomed to taking it everywhere with you, then there's almost no reason to have both an MBP and an iPad. This is my situation. At the time that I bought my iPad, I only had an iMac and iPhone, so the iPad was a nice inexpensive way to bring some computing power with me on the go. And it was good for web browsing, email, movies, word processing, and assisting with multi-tasking with my iPhone, e.g. reading a website on my iPhone and taking notes on my iPad so I didn't have to keep switching between apps. However, I live on my computer: photo editing, film editing, music composition, programming, web design, amongst other things that were too much to try to pull off on an iPad alone. Perhaps one of those things alone would be fine, but I do all of them, and for that reason, I bought a BSD rMBP with SSD, 16GB RAM, and all the frills. The downside is that now I have almost no need/use for my poor iPad. It's good for reading books, and streaming to my TV (though I'm getting a Mac Mini for that), but it never leaves the house anymore, which is perhaps its primary function.

    However, if you are a light computer user (just web browsing, watching movies, looking at photos, blogging, occasional word processing, and maybe other office type work), then an iPad can be a great way to get that functionality in a stream-lined package and interface that weighs almost nothing. Consider the type of user you are, and then proceed accordingly.

    • Answered by Kyle A from Burbank
    • 18-Dec-2014
  • It's a really great idea to have an iPad mini. The portability is amazing. I go to Minarets High School where they give their students macbooks and iPad minis to do their work. You can get ALL of the same apps for the iPad and get a keyboard to help take notes and do work on the go. Since I am a senior at this school, I've used both iPad and macbook, it really does help and it's really cool.

    • Answered by Grace A from Coarsegold
    • 02-Sep-2014