should i get an ipad mini or iphone 4

I want to buy an iphone 4, but when i saw the ipad mini, i like it even more, but i dont know what to buy.

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    If you already have a phone with a wifi tethering, then get the ipad mini or else get an ipad mini and a cheap phone with wifi hotspot tethering.

    • Answered by Azzyaty R from Kuala Lumpur
    • 26-Oct-2012
  • if u want call to someone: Iphone4
    but spec is ipad mini is better

    • Answered by Mark T from West Vancouver
    • 26-Oct-2012
  • I had the same question, and I figured that one iOS device is enough to have the un-beatable experience of smartness.

    iPhone is good, but with such a small screen, you can not experience it fully. iPad Mini is quite impeccable in every way except it cannot call or SMS ! Cost-wise, iPhone with similar specs like storage, etc., is much costlier than iPad Mini.

    So, what I did is, I bought a iPad Mini cellular version and replaced my Android phone with a simple feature-phone with alphanumeric keypad. I felt it is perfect and I hold iPad Mini all the time !

    • Answered by Sarath J
    • 13-Jan-2014
  • Coming from an iPhone 5 user

    Buy an iPad Mini :D

    • Answered by Yousif A
    • 05-Aug-2013
  • If you've got an iPhone or smartphone already, then iPad mini. If you've never had an iPhone, maybe get an iPhone 4S or 5. Don't buy 4, they've got WiFi issues.

    • Answered by Michael H
    • 13-Nov-2012
  • You want an iphone first, then get an ipad.

    What wifi issues have the 4 got I have had 1 and my partner still has hers. I have more problems with iphone5 than 4

    • Answered by James B
    • 19-Nov-2012
  • iphone 5 is the most incredible device ever put out by apple. That is my first choice and if you want the best of both words, get an iphone 5 and ipad 4.

    • Answered by Avionica B from Cochabamba
    • 26-Oct-2012