Should I get iPad 2 or iPad 3 (with 3G & 4G) because all the new iPad has is just retina display and better video recording with an a5x chip?

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    It really depends on what you want. Do you need the 4G or do you not? Do you care about a clearer screen or is it not really a big deal? How often will you use the iPads camera where the upgrade will be necessary?

    If it fits into your budget, definitely go with the new iPad. If not, the iPad 2 is just as good for 100bucks less. Remember the iPad 2 is only 16GB (unless you buy it refurbished on from a third party). Also, 4G requires a data plan, so keep that in mind too.

    • Answered by Brett M from Boca Raton
    • 20-Mar-2012
  • Depends on how you will use it and and how much you have to spend. First, the Retina display is amazingly clear and has better color saturation than the iPad 2. Second, storage size: availability of 32GB and 64GB iPad 2 models will be very limited. Apple is selling only the 16GB model now. The 4G data plans are generally more expensive than the 3G. If you are not in an area where you can use 4G this will not be helpful to you. The A5X chip and increased on-board memory in the new iPad seem to make the device zippier. I didn't hear people complaining about the iPad 2 speed, but the original iPad could be a bit sluggish to use with iOS 5.

    • Answered by Jonathan D from Alexandria
    • 20-Mar-2012
  • If you're in the US, then it may be worth considering the new iPad (with 4G). If, however, you're happy with speeds of 3G, then it may be worth considering the iPad 2.

    From the way you put your question, I can tell that the Retina Display, HD video recording and A5X chip aren't particularly defining features for you. The display looks tremendous, video recording has slightly been improved but the A5X chip offers little speed increases from the iPad 2's A5 chip.

    • Answered by Jack G
    • 21-Mar-2012
  • According to me its not a very huge difference so i would go for ipad 2...its like update to iphone 4S from iphone 4 both have same looks and neglegible differnce.also said by "its better to skip one generation of any apple product "eg;if u have iphone 4 dont buy 4S

    • Answered by Dhruv S
    • 31-May-2012
  • Well, as a personal iPad 1, 2, and the New iPad owner, I'd say you gotta go for the new iPad. The difference, depending on which one you plan to buy, is around 100$. Really, 100$ and you get the most beautiful and high resolution display ON EARTH and a faster processor, etc. etc. So basically you're paying 100$ for a Retina display, which is by all means, worth it. If you've never experienced one, then you don't know what I mean, but if you have, you know.

    • Answered by Glenn T from San Ramon
    • 20-Mar-2012
  • If you can afford the new iPad purchase it if not the iPad 2 is still a fantastic product good luck in you purchase

    • Answered by Nicholas C from Gold Coast
    • 20-Mar-2012
  • Having an original mac book pro I resisted buying San iPad until this week. Went for the best I could afford and I think that's the guide with apple. Like buying the worst house in the best street rather than the best house in a bad street. If you can afford it go for the new iPad.
    I can't compare mine with iPad2 - I just know that after 3 days I love it as much as my MBP.

    • Answered by Stephanie M
    • 29-Sep-2012
  • I hate to burst anyone's bubbles but it's not EVEN a consideration point to buy an iPad 2 for a measely savings of only $100. I cannot think of a SINGLE reason why you want to miss out on the Retina display - NO REASON. The only considertion for the $100 savings are for bulk purchases for schools and institutes where the final cost would be the difference of couple of hundreds of thousands to a few million dollars.

    • Answered by John T from Anaheim
    • 04-Sep-2012
  • If you can afford the extra for the New iPad with 4G then buy it because if you opt for the iPod 2 it will be more than likely that you will possibly regret not buying what you wanted in the first place. I know of people who will always invite or persuade you to buy the cheaper simply because they have it not because it is the best.
    Laurence Arthur

    • Answered by Arthur R
    • 11-Oct-2012
  • Just get what you want best. i personaly think that you should get the new iPad as it has retina display BUT.. the ipad 2 or ipad 3 with 4g or 3g would be usefull as not everyone carrys their ipad with them when they go out do they. they only use 3g/4g if they dont find internet conection

    • Answered by Riaz W
    • 12-Feb-2013
  • ipad 3

    • Answered by Selwyn D
    • 15-Oct-2012
  • i like ipad 2

    • Answered by Gyuman H from Allston
    • 21-Oct-2012
  • In my opinion iPad3 is better, but if your looking for a better price you should get the iPad2

    • Answered by Boateng B
    • 03-Jun-2012