Should i get wifi or 4g on my iPad?

I have a desktop computer at home and at work, but I'm traveling a-lot,
would it be cheaper to but it with 4g our just pay for wifi in the hotel?

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    If you have a smartphone, you can most likely tether your iPad to your smartphone. I would suggest adding the tethering plan to your smartphone, pay monthly for that, rather than purchasing a 4G capable iPad for $130 more than the price of the iPad Wifi, and you can also consider whenever a "faster than LTE" technology comes out, you will be upgrading your phone most likely every 2 years anyway, so why let your iPad be behind in technology when it can just piggy back off the cellular connectivity of your smartphone.

    If you do not have a smartphone and don't mind paying the extra $130 for whatever model you want and the price of the monthly data service, then get the Cellular capable iPad.

    • Answered by Josh C from Marlboro
    • 23-Oct-2012