what does wifi include in an ipad 4?

when you buy the ipad with wifi do you have to pay for it and do you get it everywhere you go or only on hotspots?

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    Wifi Internet connection is included on all ipad 4 models.

    This means wherever your ipad is IF their is a wifi connection you are able to connect if you have the security information. You can connect to any open networks (no password.) There is no additional costs for this only the usual cost of the Internet the phone company charges your family each month. This Internet can only be used in some places or sometimes only at home.

    3G/4G/LTE is Internet every where at a cost by home much you use,.

    You can also set up a personal hotspot on devices that have 3G/ 4G / LTE this is an Internet connection that you pay for sepratly by buying a micro-sim.

    Overall, you are not charged as much for wifi and it IS included in the device for no extra cost. I find wifi alone is fine for my ipad and don't find the need to use celluar. Yes basically wifi models can only use wifi hotspots where as wifi+ cellular models can use Internet everywhere at a cost

    Hope this helps!

    • Answered by Grace A from Wyndham Vale
    • 11-Jan-2013