What is the dirrerence between an i pad with wifi and one with 4g or both

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    A HUGE DIFFERANCE. Basically, wifi is only in some places so say you are in the middle of the road, you can't get wifi there obviously cuz no one is giving it out. buy 4G is a cellular signal. meaning that it is every where (depending on what carrier you have verizon covers more placed that att) and if you are in the middle of the road you will get 4G. u need some kind of signal (wifi,3g,4g) to do stuff like surf the web,buy apps and go on you tube. get it now if not just ask ill explain it agin :)

    • Answered by David T from Wilmington
    • 22-Mar-2012
  • Wifi: Internet connection only where there is Wifi hotspots i.e home, office, coffee shops, parks, libraries. Your limited to hotspots if you need internet access.

    4G LTE: Everything I said about wifi but also the ability to access the internet no matter where you go via cellular towers.

    • Answered by Michael J from Brooklyn
    • 23-Mar-2012
  • iPad with wifi requires a WIFI internet connection to access any online based features such as email, messaging, live stock updates... So if you travel a lot and don't have a portable base-station/phone with hotspot ability you would not be able to use all the features all the time.

    IPad with WIFI + 4G, provides it's own internet (as long as you have an active cellular account) and if your carrier permits can share its internet with other items (i.e. iPod Touch, iPad WIFI)

    • Answered by Leonard S from Elk Grove
    • 23-Mar-2012
  • An iPad with wifi allows internet connectivity over any wifi network. A 3G or 4G iPad allows internet connectivity over both wifi and a compatible cellular data network. In the United States, the two carriers that support the iPad are AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

    • Answered by Winston C from Atlanta
    • 22-Mar-2012
  • What is the difference?

    • Answered by Joan D from Massena
    • 01-Apr-2013