what should i get engraved on my iPad Mini?

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    Well, it all depend on you. Also depends on if you plan to keep that device until it dies, or resell it. If you'll resell it in maybe a year, do not do it. But some good ideas would be a quote that you liked; maybe your name so no one steals it, or so you can recognize it in a sec. from just looking at it; put something funny there so it all always keep you smiling; or maybe a memory place time or thing. For example what I did, I wrote "My Third Bite from the Apple" which means that that was my third device from Apple that I have purchased, something interesting, meaningful and original. Hewh, wrote a low but not sure if I helped, hope I did.

    • Answered by Roman F from Candler
    • 07-Nov-2013
  • If you are set on getting your iPad engraved, then pick something general that you will like over time.

    However, I strongly recommend against engraving because it pretty much lowers the resale value to $0. You probably can't imagine that you will ever want to resell your new device, but with the fast product refresh cycle that Apple has, you can often get quite a nice chunk of change for your used model if you ever want to upgrade. Something to keep in mind before you complete your purchase!

    • Answered by Stephanie M from New York
    • 12-Nov-2013