what size ipad mini should i get for my wife

I want to get a 2nd iPad for my wife what size should i get. And will a mini do?

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    It depends on what your wife will be using it for. For music and video use, your going to want more space, where as, surfing the wed,emailing, and light video and music use you will not need as much storage. In general its better to go with a little more than a little less as the SSD inside cannot be upgraded. 32 to 64 GB is a good range, If she is going to be using the device as a secondary or primary "net-book" then 64GB its probably a better choice.

    As far as the iPad mini, yes it will do just fine. Though the screen is a little smaller, the device it's self is much more compact, if you don't mind a slightly smaller screen then its a wonderful choice! The iPad mini runs all the apps the normal iPad runs, just on a smaller display. with the new Retna display the iPad mini is a great way to enjoy movies as well! As a pilot, I find the IPad mini to be a wonderful choice, its powerful, yet portable and does everything I need it to do.

    Sorry this is a little late, but I saw your question was unanswered.
    With Apple its hard to go wrong, so I'm sure you will be happy with what ever choice you make!
    Be sure to check out the new iPad Air and iPad mini!

    • Answered by Larkin O from Trinidad
    • 12-Nov-2013