Which version of iPad or iPad mini?

I want to be able to read pdf's during my commute and edit them - ie highlight them, add notes - and bring that to classes. I would also like to use it to create presentations. Battery life is somewhat important, but I don't care much about the weight or screen display quality (I can't tell the different between iPad 2 and iPad 4 if I don't know which one I'm looking at). Screen size is somewhat important - it doesn't need to be huge, but I want it to feel like it's an improvement over the iPhone.
Also, are all app's available on the app store for iPads compatible with any of the iPad2, iPad 4, and iPad mini?

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  • For the most part the answer is yes ipad are not quite a laptop but a very useful interface unit.
    If you can not see the difference between 2/4 then go with the 2, I say this because not everyone is driven by speed which is basically the main difference.
    I am an apple addict. I use many types of apple units from I touch to MacBook. Also I have models going back to iPhone 1st gen....
    But I have friends that use "other makes". They are also good so it depends on, what you want to do with whatever you decide to buy down to price and quality I am sure you also have friends that use other " makes". Ask them if you can have ago on there toys, ask them questions and you will be better informed to decide what you want and what you want to use it for.
    Complicated answer maybe but I DO NOT WORK FOR APPLE.. So I have MY opinion and this has been it. ;)

    • Answered by Lawrence V
    • 09-Aug-2014