Which would be better for a student journalist/blogger? iPad mini or the iPad fourth Generation?

I am an international student in Melbourne, originally from Singapore. Thus, I travel every few months. I will need to use a tablet to take notes when writing a story, record voice, video clips, pictures and also blog (mainly on wordpress)/tweet on the go…

Although Singapore has many wifi spots, I am unsure if getting the Cellular connectivity will be a good option for me.

I am really having a hard time picking which one would be better for these uses. I really want something compact enough, so that I do not have to carry around a laptop, notebooks, pens, digital cameras and spare batteries on a trip to a scene/ a place where I want to write.. I wouldn't be doing full-on blogging with the iPad but just note taking.. I do own a macbook pro also, so it would be an addition to my iPhone 4 and macbook pro. Hope to get some advise from you guys!

I'm really finding it hard to make a decision on which would be a better choice.


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    Honestly, I can't answer what size for you, but I have had two iPads, the second generation and the one with the retina display released earlier this year. As a female that carries the iPad in my purse it does add quite a bit of weight. I purchased a mini for my mother and it feels considerably lighter.(I wanted the mini with the cellular service, but they were sold out.) My first iPad only had wifi and I was fine with it, as I also had a hotspot through ClearWireless (which is unlimited), the only problem is that Clear is new and they don't have as many towers as the other providers so there were times when I could not connect. My second iPad purchase has cellular service, I use it sometimes, but typically only when my hotspot doesn't work in a particular area. My surf time and ability to watch movies is reduced when using the cellular service on the iPad as its not unlimited.

    • Answered by Lydia H from South Euclid
    • 23-Dec-2012