Will an Ipad 3 wifi PLUS 3G bought from US work in UK?

If i buy an Ipad3 in America with wifi and 3G will I be able to use in the UK?
I phoned Apple today and the rep told me I would have to sing up to a network when i purchased it in America so I would have to get the Ipad "unlocked". Is this the case?
I just wanted to be able to buy one there and put a sim card in here and it work?!

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    I had no problem last year when I bought one for Australian use. I was advised to get wifi plus 3G with no affiliations to AT&T etc.
    On my return home, I bought a SIM card , inserted it and have had no worries since.
    Make sure you get the box of world wide plugs for electrical connections too!

    • Answered by Frances W from Launceston
    • 17-Dec-2012