Will Ipad 3 cases fit the Ipad 4?

I just bought my first Ipad and I can't find any Ipad 4 cases at any of the local stores. I have a three year old son that likes to play with my IPAD so I need to get protection for it immediately!! So do the IPAD 3 cases fit onto the IPAD 4??

4 Answers from the Community

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    yes, I just got an ipad4 and the ipad3 case fits fine.

    • Answered by Nick M from Ocala
    • 20-Jun-2013
  • yes because i had an ipad 4 and bought an ipad 3 case and it fit

    • Answered by Yusuf G from Melbourne
    • 23-May-2013
  • Yes I will.

    • Answered by Isabelle R
    • 12-Aug-2014
  • Maybe. because there is no change of size right. Why don't you try it.

    • Answered by Brigette Cleire C
    • 18-Apr-2013