With the "notes" program,can you transfer notes to your computer as a Word document? Does the "dictate" option work with 3G or only with wireless?

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  • The notes program uses simple basic text. You can easily copy and paste from Notes into Microsoft Word or any other program.

    The great thing about notes, is that together with Apple's free iCloud service, any note you create on one device automatically appears on all your other devices registered to the same iCloud account.

    Even if you don't have your device with you, if you log into iCloud.com through a web browser, all your notes will also be available there to copy/paste.

    This multi device iCloud functionality works with many programs, not just notes.

    Dictation works over any network connection - both WiFi and cellular. The response time can sometimes be a little slower over 3G, but the quality of voice recognition is the same.

    As you may know, dictation can be used anytime the keyboard can be used. Of course while dictation works great for recognizing words, other types of input are handled much better through the keyboard.

    • Answered by Dave K from Toronto
    • 18-Dec-2013