Would an iPad Mini work well as a cell phone as well as having standard other features.

I currently use Blackberry (for phone, text, browser, emails etc). I don't make or receive a lot of phone calls, but I don't want to carry both an iPad mini and a cell phone. Is there a Canadian carrier which offers reasonable rates for this combo and is the iPad mini suitable for this.

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    The iPad mini cannot be used as a cell phone, although VOIP using WIFI connections is possible. This applies to both the WIFI as well as cellular versions. The cellular version of the iPad (mini or otherwise) is currently used only for mobile data plans, to connect to the internet using mobile data.

    VOIP software like Skype or Google Talk, etc., can be used for voice calls whenever there is WIFI connection, or if the cellular version gets connected to the internet using cellular or mobile data connections in the absence of WIFI.

    • Answered by Leonard W
    • 02-Apr-2013