Can I keep my iPhone when my two year contract is up with AT&T?

I've bought an iPhone 4s about a week ago to replace my iPod. I have been a fan of apple for about four years and I do not want to get rid of my iPhone in two years just because of a frivolous contract. Will I still be able to keep my iPhone and have it still be usable in two years? Or do I have to turn it in and lose everything or not be able to use it? I would really like if I could renew my contract on my iPhone for quite some time until I absolutely need to upgrade. Thanks!

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    There is no mandatory obligation to return your phone once the contract is up. You bought the phone. The phone is yours. You will need to pay for phone service if you want to use it as a phone. The terms of that service will depend on your provider. If you choose to not maintain phone service, the iPhone will still function as an iPod Touch and the only data connectivity will be via WIFI.

    • Answered by Brian S from Burbank
    • 17-Sep-2013