Can I watch rented iTunes movie on iPad in Airplane mode

  • Asked by fn from Surrey

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    Best answer is you "should be able" to watch a rented movie in airplane mode? How about something more definitive, like "No"? I rented a movie using my iPad, fully downloaded it, went on a flight, and when I opened Videos the "Rented" category didn't even display as an option any more. Did not get to watch my movie. Got the invoice though,of course.

    • Answered by Rene Y from Abbotsford
    • 13-Nov-2013
  • You should be able to IF the rented movies have been downloaded to the iPad and physically reside on the iPad. In my experience, you don't need any connection to watch them, unless you want to stream them using Airplay to another device, like an Apple TV.

    • Answered by Marc F from Lake Oswego
    • 18-Jun-2013