Can you use a SIM card from a different phone in an iphone

I have a blackberry at the moment but I'm just wondering If I could use my SIM card from this phone if I brought an iphone? If not now can I get around this as the current SIM card is on a contract

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    Should be able to somehow...
    • Firstly, the iPhone you have needs to be either unlocked or a locked device that's able to work on your current carrier's network.
    • If you phone your current carrier and ask for a pay monthly/pay as you go (depending on what you're on now) "nano sim". They are smaller than the micro and standard sim, and they should post you one. Which you then insert into the iPhone and phone the carrier to switch your phone number to this new nano sim from your current sim (takes around 24 hours).
    • If you want to sometimes go back to the Blackberry or another phone, then also ask your carrier for a nano sim adaptor (basically a small piece of plastic the size of a micro or standard sim that holds the nano sim within it).

    That's it really.

    • Answered by James S
    • 17-Oct-2012
  • Hi Aimee, I went into my local provider shop and asked them to do a swap ie my contract onto my micro sim (iphone 4s) and they transferred my Blackberry contract into iPhone one so may be worth you going to your local store

    • Answered by Sue M
    • 17-Oct-2012