Does the iPhone SE support NFC?

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    Yes, NFC is on board, BUT it supports only Apple Pay.
    If you need Read/Write NFC tags - forget about Apple production and use something else.
    Apple announced NFC API in IOS 11, but only for IPhone 7 and higher models. (Why??? I don't know)
    Current NFC chip supports Read/Write capabilities but Apple doesn't want to give access to.

    • Answered by Виктор Т
    • 08-Jul-2017
  • Yes it have NFC, I have mine with jailbreak and a really basic third party tool and I am able to read some of the info on NFC cards, but is not all the info available in the card, not sure if because the App or the NFC sensor

    • Answered by Matias R
    • 05-Sep-2017
  • Not yet

    • Answered by Corey F from Kilburn
    • 24-Jun-2018
  • Yes....according to the Apple does have's a great phone altogether

    • Answered by Agnibesh D from Kolkata
    • 28-Mar-2017
  • No it doesn't. I use the 32 gb model and it doesn't have NFC

    • Answered by Rayomand I from Nashik
    • 08-Jun-2017