How many finger prints can the 5s iphone Touch ID new fingerprint identity sensor handle? What If I wanted my kids to be able to unlock my phone?

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    It seems 5 is the max number if fingerprints.

    • Answered by Irene Z from Port Orange
    • 06-Dec-2013
  • I just found that you can put 5 fingers to 1 "Finger" as the iphone calls it.. Just rotate each finger you put on the scanner during "Finger 1"

    • Answered by Todd B from Menlo Park
    • 02-Dec-2014
  • So far, no one has said/found out anything about there being a limit to the amount of fingerprint scans available, since you can also register your other fingers for use. I would say that if you wanted, you'll have more than enough room for their prints.

    • Answered by Hunter M
    • 12-Sep-2013
  • It seems that the number of fingerprints you can register with touch id depends on how strong your passcode is. I tried using a 12+ character passcode for my iPhone5s and it only allows me to enroll up to 5 fingerprints.

    • Answered by William T from Paranaque City
    • 30-Nov-2013