how many pictures and videos can I store on 64g

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    It depends on file size. For example, if I were to transfer my photos from my hard drive to my phone, I would be able to store roughly 3,000 pictures before I would run out of room on the phone. This number can differ, depending on file size. In the above example, each of these files are 22mb.

    If you talking about using the camera on the phone, which stores images at 3-4 mbs, you can store over 16,000.

    • Answered by C S from New Freedom
    • 20-Oct-2012
  • Pictures=A LOT OF THEM (Ex: 1G= approx 1000pic)

    Video= depends..if each got 1g size, then approx 60 movies...(A LOT AGAIN)

    • Answered by Scott T from New Westminster
    • 20-Oct-2012