How much better is the 5c than the 4s

I have a 4s and was wondering if it is worth it to switch to the 5c

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    Ok the main thing I have learned when looking at the 5c is that it is basically the iPhone 5 but a bit more damage resistant. If you don't care about not getting the fingerprint sensor and the better camera the 5c is a really good choice. If you have handled an iPhone 5 it's really just colors that make the difference.

    • Answered by Shelton C from Cedar Park
    • 27-Sep-2013
  • the 4s is a older version of course so it get things late. The 5c camera is way better and it is not that expensive i actually had a 4s and im switching over to a 5c or 5s

    • Answered by Glenn T from Bellflower
    • 11-Aug-2014