how much data do the preloaded apps use when not in use iphone se?

I recently bought my first smartphone (Apple iphone SE) and am wondering how much data I need to buy from my service provider. I understand that the preloaded apple apps, even when not being used, use data. I would like to know, if the phone was left on all day, how much data the apps would use even though not used. Thanks.

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    So overall if an app is not opened an app won't use much data. Primarily when an app is not opened the data being used will only be notifications which are very small. If you don't don't use it at all during the day depending on apps installed and your notification types you may use 10-50mb. For perspective data from carriers is by the GB. 1000mb= 1GB.

    To be safe you always can turn off cellular data when not in use or I've found a safe way to keep data on without using a lot of data which is toggling only important apps to use cellular data.

    To do this you can go to the Settings app then tap on Cellular. Then if you scroll down you will see a list of all your apps. Preinstalled apps and apps you downloaded from the App Store. Simply if you see the toggle on(it's green and the button is on the right) then that app can use data. If you toggle them off the green goes away and the switch is on the left. This allows you to turn data off for apps specifically. So if you know a lot of people with iMessage, iMessages need data to come through so you can leave Messages on. But maybe turn off the App Store or iTunes Store to avoid downloading big apps or songs, tv or movies over data. As apps can range anywhere from 2mb all the way up to 2GB. Then maybe turn on or off any other apps you feel do or don't need data.

    It's honestly just a guessing game to start to gauge your own data use. If you have wifi often you'll need data less. If you travel more may be beneficial for maps and videos. If you want to watch a lot of videos you probably would need more as YouTube, Netflix or anything similar can use a lot watching something 5 minutes or more.

    I'd start around 3-5GB, from what I know most carriers let you add more data to your plan whenever you want based on how much you use. So if you always can add more if you're running low or maybe can better gauge how to balance the data you do have over 1 month.

    • Answered by Dylan R from Monmouth
    • 07-Oct-2016