I am looking to use the I-phone to write papers on the fly using dragon software how many GB will I need to make this happen.

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  • All models will have enough to do your task, the 16/32/64 gb sizes. You can use SIRI or Dragon Software to use their speach to text engines to write documents. The difference in the storage sizes in the phones simply means that you can have more applications loaded, more documents loaded, etc.

    Simply put, if you buy a 16gb model you can work away, creating your documents as you drive, and adding those "Must Have" games every once in a while. At some point in the future your iTunes software on your PC or Mac that you use to synch your files to will tell you that it is unable to synch your device with a message something like; "device is almost full, delete some applications or documents." If you get the 16 gb version that day will come sooner as you have less space to work with. If you get the 32gb or 64gb iPhones the date you need to consolidate or lessen the files and apps on your phone will come a bit later with the 32gb and even longer with the 64 gb model.

    I have a 64 gb model, and I've filled it up several times. I add apps, songs and games with wild abandon and charge my iphone several times a day. When I hit the wall (run out of space) I just deselect a few less songs, or move some of the files I've created and pictures I've taken to the PC/Mac. Then I'm good for several months more, until I hit the wall again. LOL!

    • Answered by Erin T from Dallas
    • 12-Sep-2013