I am new to the iphone. I noticed when I go to unlock my phone, the camera icon is in the bottom right. Why and should it be?

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    Yes and It's there because if you slide up on it, it will transition your lock screen into the camera without having to unlock your phone.

    • Answered by Jordon D from Elyria
    • 31-Aug-2012
  • Anywhere you want it. I like it there because I use it a lot and it's handy. If you don't, move it by holding it down and sliding your finger up with the icon under it. "drag" it up towards the screen. Then drag an icon that you would prefer down, perhaps you use your calendar a lot. Rearrange your icons the same way I keep my "Books" next to my "Kindle" icon etc.

    • Answered by Diane C from Richmond
    • 19-Nov-2013