If I get a lifepoof for the 5S will the fingerprint scanner still work?

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    YES it will work. there are iphone 5 lifeproof cases that are 5s compatible. they have a clear film going over the fingerprint scanner so that it remains waterproof while still letting you use the scanner. i have one.

    • Answered by Lizzie K from Lyndhurst
    • 20-Mar-2014
  • YES I got mine today, you will probably want to rescan your fingerprints after you put the case on but IT WILL WORK!

    • Answered by Claire M from Brockville
    • 20-Jun-2014
  • Yes but I have to retry a few times for it to work. Most of the time it requires the passcode after to many attempts. Also tried to scan my prints with the case on and that doesn't work at all. It keeps saying "try covering the scanner completely with finger. "

    I like the case but I really like the fingerprint scanner more so the search is on for a case that will work with the scanner and protect like the lifeproof case.

    • Answered by Dustin D from Easley
    • 25-Jun-2014
  • No, as the LifeProof case completely covers the entire phone and the home button is obscured, it will not work. You MUST use a standard passcode method.

    • Answered by Taylor B
    • 28-Sep-2013