Is there a mobile photo printer available to plug the iPhone into and print them out?

I want to take photos with my iPhone and be able to print them out at functions, parties, etc. rather than just put them on the computer and print them from home. I would like a small photo size mobile printer to take with me.

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    Hi...vupoint makes a photo cube that is small enough to take with you. You can dock your IPhone/iPod right in it and print pics from an app! The picture quality that is printed varies, depending on the resolution. This one is around $100 and is great for on the go printing...the refills on the paper can be a little pricey, so probably not the best for high volume printing. I think it's very user friendly and good for the price! There are a few other brands that offer similar products also.

    • Answered by Melissa V from Monroe
    • 07-Jan-2014
  • Technology like this hasn't been invented yet. If I'm sure of what you're saying (a mobile printer). However, 'Air printers' are printers that allow you to print photos wirelessly. For example, if you we're in your dining room or lounge and couldn't be bothered to go up and manually print it. With an air printer, you can send a document or photo to the printer and collect It whenever.

    Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Ben F
    • 06-Jan-2013