is there an app for making free international calls to the united kingdom?

I was told that there was a free app from the apple Iphone that allows free international calling to the United Kingdon whether it be to a cell phone or to a landline. The person i heard this from lives in Canada and said he calls the US and Canada from his Iphone and he has accessibility to the UK also... I need to buy a cell phone here in the US to make calls to England until i decide whether i will be moving to England. I have a boyfriend in England who wants to buy an Iphone too, if we can coordinate our apps and see what will benefit us best..He may be moving here to the US in the near future.(so no contract). Any information would be useful to me. Thank you...

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    The best free call app i know is viber
    it is free to call anywhere in world if you(and them) have got wi-fi or 3G in they iphone
    But the only thing is both participations should have the app on there phone

    • Answered by Armin B
    • 11-Feb-2013