New 5s is being offered with 3 service provider. I've heard signal strength varies a lot indoors. Can anyone advise?

Using 3 as a service provider

2 Answers from the Community

  • You may have got this issue sorted,In case you haven't 3 do a Booster called Home Signal,I am having to use this to get signal as I am between 2 double storey buildings and have not looked back since,I hope what i've said has helped someone.

    • Answered by David D
    • 04-Feb-2015
  • I'm with the 3 service provider and the signal strength is very poor indoors. However there is an app called 'three in touch' which enables you to call and text over wifi when you have no signal. I've tried the app and I've yet to make a call or successfully send a text with no signal. Although I do prefer the 3 service provider as their data plans have been the best so far.

    • Answered by Andrea W
    • 17-Jan-2015