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My old Nokia had an option to display the time as a screensaver. Instead of looking at a blank screen, the time was always displayed. I personally find this useful. Wondering if this can be done on an iPhone 5 with IOS 7?

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    No, but you can download live clock apps form the app store. Open the app and a wallpaper with a clock will be displayed.

    • Answered by Debra K from Brownsburg
    • 30-Sep-2013
  • no, All you need to do is tap the iphone for the time to show. I am sure there is an App that would enable this but it doesn't come with the phone software.

    • Answered by Danielle B from Carson City
    • 28-Sep-2013
  • No this cannot be done due to the nature of the screen type. The iPhone screen uses significantly more power than Nokia screens. Unless you want to drain your battery very quickly by leaving it unlocked, there is no way to do this. Simply wake the phone up to check the time.

    • Answered by Taylor B
    • 28-Sep-2013