Should I get an iphone 5 or a Ipad mini?

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    Depends, if you have a iphone or iphone 4 or a model below the iphone 4 then i suggest you go for the iphone 5 its cool and a big diffrence from iphone 4 and the older models.
    But if you have a iphone 4s i suggest you go for the ipad mini because theres not much diffrence between the iphone 4s and iphone 5,
    iphone 5 is a bit faster and has a bigger screen.and is a little slimer. i've had a iphone 4s and now i have a iphone 5 the reason i never bought a ipad is because i'm not really into them never had one though my brother dose. (but saying that if i liked the ipads and i had a iphone 4s i would have bought the ipad mini. and if i had a iphone 4 or an older model then i would have bought an iphone 5.
    hope this helps you decide if you already have not.decided.

    • Answered by Imran M
    • 12-Nov-2012