what is a Thunderbolt adapter

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  • Thunderbolt is the new Updated charger for the iphone 5 and up model. It replaces the 30-pin connector that was used in previous models (Iphone 4/s, ipod) The adaptor changes the 30-pin to the new thunderbolt connector

    • Answered by Matthew W
    • 12-Sep-2014
  • Thunderbolt has nothing to do with iPhone. It's a port on a Mac that acts as both a mini-displayport and a high speed interface good for fast data transfer.

    The iPhone has a smaller port called lightning. This is the small port on the bottom of the iPhone 5 and above which replaced the original 30-pin dock adaptor which has been around for many years and first used in iPods.

    To be able to answer your question I'd need to know what sort of adaptor you're referring to. There's a number of adaptors for both thunderbolt and lightning.

    Examples of Thunderbolt adaptors include those to connect your computer to an Ethernet network or connect various monitor types.

    Examples of Lightning adaptors are ones to convert from old 30-pin dock connectors to lightning, connect the phone to an external display or connect various 'Made for iPhone' hardware.

    • Answered by David H
    • 11-Sep-2014