what is imessage?

What is imessage and why is it better than regular text message.

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    It's texting for iphone,ipod touch,ipad, and mac computers running mountain lion and the reason it is better is: It texts over wifi if you have your ipod touch, ipad, or mac running it and if you are sending a text to a non-imessage user it comes out as a normal sms but if you are sending a text to a imessage user, then it will send it as a imessage text and it goes over the interwebs so your texting bill doesn't skyrocket.

    • Answered by Olga P from Maplewood
    • 10-Oct-2012
  • Like a previous answer stated, iMessage allows you to use wifi for sending messages instead of sending messages using SMS. The big benefit to iMessage, though, is that all the messages are encrypted. Only the two devices can view the contents of the message, unlike a standard text message that can be read by anyone that intercepts it.

    • Answered by Colin O from Victorville
    • 30-Nov-2013