what is verizon ,sprint and at & t?

what is locking and unlocking of phone?and if i buy either of these and take it overseas then would i have any problem in locking-unlocking of phone?

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    Have your phone unlocked before you go overseas. Also if you know which countries you will be in, check to see if they use CDMA or GSM. They are not interchangable. There are numerous web sites that instruct you how to unlock your phone. One of the best is Unlocking.com If you buy a phone in the US and are with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Team Mobile, and some others. They are Providers. You get a discount when you purchase the phone but they make their money with monthly fees like Usage, Data, Minutes Allowed, Text, etc. An unlocked phone from the factory will cost you about twice as much. If you buy it with a Provider, the phone will be locked. Look around and ask around and you will find where to go to get your phone unlocked. Some cheaper models can't be unlocked, or they can and then they just fall apart. At&T is both a good Provider and sells phones that carry GSM SIM Cards so you can use their plan in the US and the GSM Card overseas. If they hassle you on this, try another AT&T store and just ask them to unlock it. I've done that and paid a small fee. The new Apply iphone 5 32GB unlocked meaning u can use CDMA or GSM or other networks sells for $799 at the Apple Store.

    • Answered by Kevin C from Cypress
    • 13-Dec-2012