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    Yes you can, but not really. What I mean is that you can use VOIP (Voice-over-internet-protocol) to make voice calls to phone numbers. For example, you can make VOIP phone calls via Skype if you have a strong WiFi connection. The Skype app is free at the App Store, and the cost per minute is generally very inexpensive. It works the same way as Skype would on your computer, using the "dial pad" option to dial a phone number. I've used it, and it works fine so long as you have a really strong Wi-Fi connection (not so fine if the internet connection is weak). Of course, you first have to pre-load your Skype account with some money. But the calls are cheap, so a little Skype credit goes a long way. There are other commercial VOIP providers for which you can download apps from the App Store, but Skype is pretty popular, and of course it allows you to also make internet video calls to others who have Skype accounts but do not necessarily have or use FaceTime.

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • 29-Jul-2013
  • No but that would be interesting

    • Answered by Michael L from Chicago
    • 21-Feb-2013
  • no

    • Answered by Brendan D from Strathfield N
    • 12-May-2014
  • no it cant it cant ring text or does not even have cellular mode which you need for a phone.

    • Answered by Jay G from Perth
    • 26-May-2014