Can you download apps for the 6 Gen Nano?

I really want to know how to get additional clock faces, or other fitness type apps onto the Nano. I realize that you cannot put videos on, but I would like more choices for the clock options.

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    You can't download apps for Nano. Sorry!

    • Answered by A D from Gilbert
    • 14-Sep-2012
  • No you cannot download games or applications on the 6th generation OR the most recent 7th generation iPod Nano.

    • Answered by Ryan S
    • 17-Sep-2012
  • Not that I know of. iOS Developers design there programs for use with the iPod, iPhone and iPad UI.KIt, and Framework. The resolution on the Nano is too small, and it would be hard to really fit content on it.

    So simply, the screen is too small, and there is no real App framework for the iPod Nano 6 Gen.

    • Answered by Ronald B from Brantford
    • 11-Sep-2012
  • Nope, just iPod touch

    • Answered by Kyle M from Aldie
    • 16-Sep-2012
  • no

    • Answered by Ryan M from Warrnambool
    • 17-Sep-2012