Does the ipod nano 7th gen have a camra?

I was thinking about getting A IPod nano (7th gen), And I saw it had that app thing and it said "Photos". So I was wondering if that's just from your account that you take from your IPhone,IPad or if it comes with a camra.


6 Answers from the Community

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    iPod nano 7th gen doesn't have a camera.

    • Answered by Zack T from Cochrane
    • 18-Apr-2014
  • no it does not

    • Answered by Kat H from Redondo Beach
    • 19-Jul-2014
  • ipod nano 7th doesn't have camera, but it has a photo app wherein you can view photos, which you can get (photos) if you sync your ipod nano in your computer.

    • Answered by Regina B from Bandar Seri Begawan
    • 14-Jun-2014
  • No.It does not have a camera,you only can add photos which aspect ratio is 16:9,same for videos.

    • Answered by Morgan L
    • 03-Dec-2014
  • No it does not you have to sync photos to your nano using your computer preferably using a mac book air.

    • Answered by Sebastian Z from Greeley
    • 24-Feb-2015
  • NO

    • Answered by Mario F from Granger Wa
    • 27-Jun-2015