how long does the ipod 5th generation last

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    I expect my iPodTouch 5th generation to last for many years. Why shouldn't it last at least as long as the original iPhones, some of which are still in use today? But I expect that you intended a different question, namely, "how long can it go between chargings?" And that depends on how you use it. Video and games consume more battery than email or songs. If you do a lot of flash photography, or use the "flashlight" app a lot, or if you keep the brightness set at or near the maximum, then you should expect that to consume battery "juice" much faster than if you set the brightness as low as you can and just listen to music. Mine usually goes for about 8-10 hours of active use between charges, but if I play games or watch video or set the brightness up high (in order to be able to see the screen in bright sunlight), then six hours tops is more realistic. If you use it for these kinds of things even more than I do, you can expect to have to charge it more often than that. If you don't "use" it, just leave it on standby with the "background refresh apps" option turned OFF, you can expect 30 or 40 hours, maybe even more.

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • 28-Jan-2014