if i get a refurbished ipod 5 can i get ios 7

So I aske for a ipod touch 32gb for christmas and i found a refurbished one ... can i update to ios 7 on it

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    Any iPod Touch 5th generation, refurbished or new, is able to have the same software updates as any other.

    • Answered by Patrick S from Mineville
    • 27-Nov-2013
  • Now days, the iPod 5 comes with iOS 7. And yes, any iPod 5, refurbished or new, is compatible with iOS 7. Now, remember that I said any "iPod 5" meaning no older versions of iPod.

    • Answered by Katelynn H from South Jordan
    • 24-Mar-2014
  • yes you can ipod 5 is compatible with ios 7

    • Answered by Rorie S from Chicago
    • 17-Nov-2013
  • yes the new iPod touch 5 comes out of the box with iOs 7.1 or later.

    • Answered by Hitesh A
    • 30-Jul-2014
  • YES

    • Answered by Thomas T from Manorville
    • 07-Sep-2014
  • Yes you can

    • Answered by Peter M from Lake Orion
    • 06-Jan-2015