Is Siri available on the ipod?

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    Yes. It's on the new 5th generation iPod. Just read the features of the new iPod on the Apple web site.

    • Answered by Robert S from East Meadow
    • 14-Sep-2012
  • Yes, only with the new version that's out in the next few months.

    5th Generation

    • Answered by Ryan C
    • 14-Sep-2012
  • Yes, on the new 5th gen iPod Touch running iOS 6

    • Answered by Hayden C from Sydney
    • 14-Sep-2012
  • It is on the new iPod Touch (5th generation.)

    • Answered by Ann O from Whitefish Bay
    • 14-Sep-2012
  • Only on the iPod Touch 5th generation with iOS 6. Siri is not available on earlier models. (example: iPod Touch 4th Generation)

    • Answered by Kenneth B from Pittsburgh
    • 15-Sep-2012
  • Yes. The iPod Touch 5th Generation (running iOS 6) lets you use Siri. It is not available on any other iPod model. So no Siri on Shuffle, Nano, or iPod Touch 4th Generation. I hope this answers your question!

    • Answered by A D from Gilbert
    • 16-Sep-2012
  • Yes, Siri is available on the newest iPod touch, 5th generation. (the one with the coloured backs)

    • Answered by Patsy D from Bowmanville
    • 16-Sep-2012
  • The iPod touch 5th generation does have Siri.

    • Answered by Sean C from Mckinney
    • 15-Sep-2012
  • It is now, on the new iPod touch 5g.

    • Answered by Ted B from Miami Beach
    • 16-Sep-2012
  • Yes, Siri is available on the iPod, but only on the new iPod touch (5th generation)
    Previous models does not support Siri.
    hopefully that answers your question!

    • Answered by Tom S
    • 16-Sep-2012
  • Siri isn't available on the iPod 4G and older.

    More Info: The processor is incompatible or slow for Siri.

    • Answered by Andarrio A from Lithia Springs
    • 17-Sep-2012

    • Answered by Imani H
    • 16-Sep-2012
  • yes it is but only on the iPod 5g

    • Answered by Zark N from Maple
    • 16-Sep-2012
  • Now it has on the iPod touch 5th generation.

    • Answered by Jonah D from Muntinlupa
    • 24-Sep-2012
  • Yes on the new i pod touch. which is generation 5

    • Answered by Brittany G from Franklin
    • 16-Sep-2012
  • Only on the newest iPod touch to be released in October 2012.

    • Answered by Madeline M from South Saint Paul
    • 16-Sep-2012
  • Siri will be available on the iPod Touch 5, however for any model below that Siri will not be available.

    • Answered by Josef G from Glen Rock
    • 15-Sep-2012
  • It will be on the iPod touch 5th generation

    • Answered by Charles M from Minster
    • 15-Sep-2012
  • Yes, but only the fifth generation iPod touch (2012) can do it.

    • Answered by Ivan A from El Paso
    • 15-Sep-2012
  • Only on the brand new 5th genaration of the iPod touch is siri available

    • Answered by Louise B
    • 15-Sep-2012