Are Games Great on MacBook Pro?

Hey Im Michael I am 13 and buying a MacBook soon, I was wondering if it would be good for my gaming needs. I play games such as Skyrim, Minecraft, World Of Warcraft, and Terraria. Will it run good on Normal settings? Or will I have to use Low settings and still lag? Thank You for your time reading

Note: I plan on buying a 13 inch MacBook Pro

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    Macs are not really meant for alot of gaming, but i have one and it runs pretty well. You cant expect bf3 maxed out but it will handle WoW, MC, and Skyrim pretty well on med and maybe high settings. About skyrim, i dont know if it is compatible with mac but if it was, it would be great performance. But i would seriously reccomend saving up a couple hundred bucks more and getting an imac. But your future MBP should do the job:)

    Hope this helped and good luck.

    • Answered by Oscar C from Chula Vista
    • 23-Jul-2012
  • Hello Michael,
    I too was evaluating the possibilities not long ago. My first choice was the 13" MB Pro especially due to the recent new release. However, my gaming desires are not quite as lengthy as yours but I hope that what I have learned can prove useful. Strangely I was convinced to purchase the 13" MB Air and was very very please with it. Today I downloaded WoW to find if it was at all capable. Incredably it was! Very very smooth running and a very quick connection. Due go instore ask many questions. Test them all. SSD is probably the reason for my victory, so it just proves there's more than comparing statistics.

    Take Care


    • Answered by Phillip H from Edmonton
    • 29-Jul-2012
  • Yes, if you bootcamp it, otherwise, it just not a gaming platform. There are steam games that play on macos, just a limited selection. My 2010 Macbook Pro still plays most games.

    • Answered by Christopher M from Montgomery Village
    • 17-Aug-2012