Best laptop for light gaming and portability

So recently I've been considering switching to a mac laptop, and would like to narrow down what I should get.
The current ones I'm choosing between are the 13 inch air, the 13 inch pro, and the 13 inch pro with retina display.
Now I'm more of a console gamer, but there are some things that I play on steam. But there aren't that many, the only things I really play on steam are strategy games like Civ 5, or X-COM: Enemy Unknown, as well as the telltale games like The wolf among us or the walking dead, and maybe a little Killing Floor but it rarely goes beyond that. It doesn't need to run them on max settings or anything, I just want them to run at decent FPS with little to no lag, I'm not that savvy so I was just wondering if the air would be enough, or if I should get the pro, or the pro with retina? So your help would be appreciated, thanks. :)

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    This might be a late response really late actually, but if you were looking into a more flexible "everything laptop" I would recommend the Mac Book Pro with Retina Display 15". For the 15" there are two prices the 1999 and the 2499. The major difference between the two is the graphics card. If you want a more portable one i would recommend the Mac Book Pro with Retina Display 13" with 256 GB. I am pretty sure this is priced at 1499, but you can check under the mac section in the apple website. The major difference between the 15" inch models are that the 15" can come to have 16 GB of Random Access Memory (RAM) and the 15" has Intel Iris Pro instead of the original Intel Iris Graphics. Basically through out this I wouldn't get the Mac Book Pro because that has Intel HD Graphics 400o and the Mac Book Air has Intel HD Graphics 5000 (not a major difference compared to the Intel Iris Graphics). I don't know how I didn't mention this but the biggest difference out of all is... Retina Display. Although apple released a desktop with 5K display which is kick-butt which would be the best with gaming...Although I didn't mention this because you mentioned you wanted to have notebooks instead of desktops. I hope this helped you to pick the best mac for you!!! ;)

    • Answered by Siddha K from Castle Rock
    • 10-Dec-2014
  • If i was you i would buy Pro with retina display because that will be pretty flexible to use it can be for your gaming but at the same time you can use it for Photoshop. in general the retina display will make it a even more pleasant experience for you while using it for anything. so go for it it totally worth it.

    • Answered by Yuvraj B from Kitchener
    • 24-Aug-2014