best portable storage that is compatible with both mac and pc

I would like to store pictures from my Macbook Pro laptop on a portable hard drive and use them on a desktop PC with a big monitor and photo editing software. The reviews are so critical of using the devices with a mac. Any suggestions?

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    You can use any USB drive with your Mac. There are drives out there that are marked Mac compatible but the truth of the matter is that they are just pre formatted for a Mac, nothing special about them. I use multiple desktop and portable drives between my Macbook Pro and my PC and nothing is special about them. One thing I would recommend is to get a drive, format it for the pc generally going to be NTFS if you have Vista or Windows 7. Once you have your drive setup get a piece of software for your Mac from a company called Paragon and the software is called NTFS for MAC. What this does is allow your mac to read and write to the drive that is setup for your pc, allowing you to be fully compatible between the two. I have been using this setup for years and it hasn't failed me yet!!!

    I work on computers for a living and assure you this will work. Anyone that tells you it wont is lying.

    • Answered by Norman J from Kansas City
    • 05-Oct-2013