Buying my first Mac, which should I go for? Only game I play is Football Manager

Hey, so I've never owned a Mac before... after buying a Windows laptop last month, and having to reformat it twice because Windows 8 is such a mess, I've decided to go for a Macbook Pro.

I'm unsure if I should go for the 13 inch or the 15 inch, I mainly use my computer for Internet, emails, streaming movies and TV shows to my big TV, and pretty heavy use of Football Manager

I know the 15 inch models have the Iris Pro chip, which I feel would be more than enough to run 3D mode of FM, but I'm not sure about the basic Iris model in the 13 inch.

I'm also unsure if dual core is enough to do everything I need it to do, it might, I don't use my computers for heavy gaming or anything anymore

But any info would be a help! I could afford a 13 inch, the 15 inch would require a good few weeks of saving

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