Can I boost WiFi throughout the house with Airport Extreme?

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Our WiFi here in a small French village is broadcast (intermittently) from the local Council office, about 250 metres away, and is very weak. So we're currently using a Powerline Ethernet network to get wifi, through ethernet cables, to our laptops, but we'd love to be able to use our iPhones, IPods, and Apple TV anywhere inside the house.

Can I use Airport Extreme to receive, then boost, the wi-fi signal throughout the house (the house is 16th Century, with very thick stone walls!) ? If so, would I need just the one Airport Extreme Base Station, or a network of receivers/boosters as well? Am I right to assume the base station would need to be connected, in the first instance, to our existing WiFi receiver/router?

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    Yes. Save some bucks NX buy an airport express though. Set it up as a Wifi extender when your computer asks you how you want it. No wires. Just set it up and then move to the final location and plug into the power outlet. There's directions on YouTube on how to do this. Mine works very well.

    • Answered by Eric L from Edmond
    • 04-Sep-2013