Can I purchase a Blu-ray Disc drive for my new MacBook Air ?

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  • I realize, and accept that my answer will not be selected as the one you want, or perhaps not even the information you are looking to find, however in the event you do not already have a large investment in this technology, I would suggest that you by-pass the investment. Via the wonderful displays offered by Apple ( I use the 27 that is part of my IMac, and the great HD movies I can download from either ITunes, or Amazon, I no longer have to bother with disks, their storage, availability, etc. No matter where I am, be it at home, in a hotel, visiting friends/relatives, I can either cue up a movie/TV show that I want to watch that I have previously downloaded, or stream anything I care to watch if I have a broadband, or cell connection. The resolution I have is more than acceptable, and quite often breath taking. I am not subject to investing in a technology that will likely be out dated in 5 years or so, and I retain the flexability to choose from a huge library of entertainment, and educational material.

    • Answered by Mark L from Mineral Bluff
    • 19-May-2014