Can my old pc data transfer to a mac

How much would it cost?

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    Yes, you can transfer some data from your pc to your mac. You have a few different options.

    (1) Apple has a service called One to One. One to One is an exclusive offer to customers who purchase a new Macbook Pro. For just $99 Apple will transfer your music (in your music folder & iTunes), documents, contacts, mail, and desktop files. There may be a few other things they are able to transfer, but you can simply add what you need transferred to your desktop if needed. As I'm sure you know, applications are not part of the transfer because PC applications are different than MAC applications. If purchased, Microsoft can also be installed at your convenience.

    Other features of the one to one program is group workshops, personal training, and open training. There is a benefit to each one of these features: networking with group workshops and it also creates a great learning environment. Personal training is you 1 on 1 with a trainer, ask all the questions you'd like. Personal training is beneficial for those special projects you need help completing.

    All for $99 and it lasts for a whole year. Take as many classes as you'd like. The transfer is benefit for you and your training, so when you first open your mac you are good to go.

    (2) If you are tech savvy you can use a CAT Networking cable and use the Migration Assistant, which shows when you first power on your new mac.

    (3) You could also save your files to an external hard drive and import the files to your Mac.

    • Answered by Lacey B from Atlanta
    • 10-Jun-2012