Do Macbook Pro Retina units have any energy saver issues with UPS power backup devices ?

I've heard some newer energy-saving computers have problems connecting to back-up power sources like APC's UPS devices (due to some "pure sine wave" issues). Are there any reasons why I shouldn't buy an APC unit to use with a Macbook Pro Retina I'm planning to buy?

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  • I'm not an expert, but it seems to me that all laptops basically INCLUDE the equivalent of an APS built in because they have batteries to run on. Think about it...if you just yank out the power cord of your MacBook while using it, it should just go on as if nothing had happened, for the full amount of charge it has in the batteries. So getting an APS for any laptop is redundant. All it is is a rechargeable battery that switches in when the power is interrupted. Laptops already have that.

    I've actually wondered why manufacturers like Apple don't simply put small batteries in even desktop computers, so that they would all essentially have built-in APS. You wouldn't even need one as big as is in most laptops, because a charge life of just an hour would give you enough time to save and shutdown in the event of a power failure. I would happily pay extra for that, and it shouldn't cost a company that much to put in.

    That said, I wouldn't discourage anybody from getting a good SURGE SUPPRESSOR, because voltage spikes can do terrible things to electronic devices. I had to have the power supply replaced in my iMac because of this once.

    If I were you, I'd save my money and not bother with getting an APS for laptops.

    • Answered by Jefferson W from Albuquerque
    • 28-Feb-2014