Do the new MacBook Pro (bought on the US eStore) come with an European AC plug?

I'm planning to buy a 15" Macbook Pro on the US eStore soon but I will use it in Turkey. I was told by the official reseller here that they are not going to sell MacBooks with the specifications I stated (15" Retina, 2.6GHz QC i7, 512GB, JP keyboard). I heard that the power adapter has a built in power converter, so I believe I won't have any problems with that. However, does an extra European AC plug come in the box or can I buy it separately? (I have seen other solutions such as using another brand's plug converter but since no other brand fits the Apple adapter, I think it looks rather ugly.)

On a different note, I'm also going to buy an USB SuperDrive and I was wondering if it can read region 2 DVDs. Since Japan and Europe are both in region 2, I have never had trouble playing DVDs. In case the SuperDrive comes with region 1 encoded by default, can I change it later on?

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