Does the mini mac have a screen or is than an option?

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    No. The Mac Mini comes without a screen (monitor), without a keyboard, and without a mouse (or trackpad). That is why it costs less than the other Mac models. You can certainly buy all of those as options from Apple, and the Apple monitors are great but very expensive. So the ideal Mac Mini purchaser, someone who is looking to save some money, already owns a screen, a keyboard, and a mouse, and doesn't need to buy new ones. Of course, you can always buy a lower price monitor at any computer store, just be sure that it is compatible, especially the type of connector it uses (most are fine). The good news is that once you've bought a Mac Mini and those other things, next time you'll only need to buy a new Mac MIni and already have the screen, keyboard, and mouse.

    Or do what I did, buy an iMac, get a gorgeous screen, and save a bundle over buying a Mac Mini plus an Apple monitor/keyboard/mouse. But I have a friend who owns a Mac Mini and loves it. Good luck!

    • Answered by Larry S from Brookline
    • 20-Sep-2012