I have imac os x tiger, can I upgrade to os x Lion?

I have an Imac os x (tiger). I bought an ipad 2. I must upgrade. Can I do this on my old imac? What do I upgrade to, and what will it cost?

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    You can not upgrade to Lion directly. You have to upgrade to Leopard, Snow Leopard, and then through the Mac App Store you can upgrade to Lion. Depending on the hardware you have on your computer, you might be better off purchasing a new computer. Lion requires at least an Intel Core 2 Duo processor to run.

    • Answered by Lacey B from Atlanta
    • 05-Apr-2012
  • First of all you need to consider the system on which you are running your stuff.Cos i think all older macs below the year 2005 can only be upgraded to tiger.So if you have a system manufactured later then it can be upgraded but you need to start systematically from leopard,snow leopard,..........

    • Answered by Benjamin A
    • 09-Aug-2012
  • If your iMac is a PowerPC machine, which it probably is, then you cannot run Lion, which is intel only.

    If your iMac is an intel machine (unlikely) that is capable of running Lion (also very unlikely), then you can buy a Snow Leopard DVD from Apple, install Snow Leopard, and then buy Lion (or possibly Mountain Lion) from the Mac App Store.

    Note that *you don't actually need a Mac to set up or use the iPad* - it's just more convenient since you can directly sync your music onto it.

    If you can find an old PC running Windows XP, you can run iTunes on it and sync
    with the iPad 2. If you have an old PowerPC Mac, however, you're out of luck.

    • Answered by Support A from Anytown
    • 12-Apr-2013